This winter, 100% customizable Speedmanchine boots will revolutionize the skiing world with their ultramodern technology.

Nordica, whose designs are renowned for combining performance, precision and power with personalized comfort, proudly introduces the Speedmachine, an innovative and avant-garde ski boot with unparalleled fit. With unrivalled features and ultramodern technology, this high-performance boot takes the on-mountain experience to the next level, making it the absolute must-have gear for the slopes this season! The boot is designed to provide performance and maximum comfort for all types of feet. Combining timeless design with precise fine-tuning capabilities, the Speedmachine gives skiers the chance to live their passion to the max and appreciate magical moments out on the slopes without feeling the cold!

A whole new era of boot customization
With the objective of creating a fully-customizable boot to fit all feet, Nordica designed a boot that can be quickly, easily and effectively adjusted at strategic areas. With the Tri-Fit concept, skiers can make adjustments to three main ski boot sections: the shell, the liner and key hardware components. The Tri-Force frame design uses a lightweight, anatomical shell that channels energy through the spine and sole of the boot directly to the edges of the skis, allowing for nimble and precise movements while critically maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Infrared technology: unique and revolutionary
For a more comfortable boot or even for hard-to-fit feet, Nordica also implemented a visionary technology: the new Infrared system. Using an infrared lamp and suction cups, the system quickly heats up the targeted spots on the shell without compromising the shell’s integrity. The suction up is then placed on the heated area to expand the shell and create extra space precisely where it’s needed to create a perfect fit. Ten minutes is all it takes for a boot to assume the desired shape! Next, the custom cork liner is placed in the oven, heated, and slipped into the shell. The skier then puts on the boot so that it may mould to the shape of his/her foot for the perfect fit.

For a comfortable winter on the slopes
With an exterior shell that can be fully customized to each foot coupled with a Primaloft® liner (Nordica is the only ski boot company to use this unique material) with anti-moisture properties to keep feet dry and warm, Speedmachine is the boot to keep Quebeckers out on the slopes this winter, no matter the temperature! The adjustment capabilities of this boot not only improves comfort and fit, but also its performance and responsiveness on the snow, making it an ideal choice for intermediate, advanced or expert skiers looking to make the most of their time out on the mountain with gear that will keep up!


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