Fanny Girardin

Fanny Girardin

Fanny Girardin (Fan G) is a member of Quebec’s snowboard team, competing in the snowboard cross discipline. Born in Yverdon-les-Bains, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, she started skiing at the foot of the Swiss Alps at the tender age of two. Born to a Swiss father and a Quebecois mother, when Fanny was four, her family moved to Bromont, well known for its ski resort. At the age of eight, Fanny spotted a snowboard in a neighbour’s garage. Since they were no longer using it, they lent it to her to try.

Her first time on a snowboard was a disaster. She ended her first run riding down on her father’s shoulders. Her drive to succeed made her try again. She quickly caught the bug and has not touched a pair of skis since.

It has been 13 years since Fanny became a snowboard enthusiast. Her love of the sport grew into a true passion that led her to take up snowboard cross. Inspired by the Olympic Games in Sochi, Fanny signed up for a competition at Mont-Habitant. Since her first race went rather well, she decided to get serious about the sport.

Fanny was selected as a hopeful the first year she tried out for the Quebec snowboard team, in 2013. The next year, she gave her all and reached the up-and-coming athlete level. She had to accumulate a total of 20 points FIS to do so. This year, 2016, she was named athlete of the year. Fanny says that she is working hard and making every effort to reach the elite level next year and then gradually work her way up to her ultimate goal: to compete in the Olympic Games.

Starting a run in perfect control of her movements and being in the zone, with time appearing to stop… these are the feelings Fanny chases every time she straps on her board. It’s what keeps her motivated.

Fanny is also working toward another important goal: to become a sports psychologist on a professional sports team, after her athletic career. Last year, she obtained a Certificate of Applied Human Kinetics in Athletic Training at Université de Sherbrooke. This year, she is working toward a Bachelor of Psychology at the Université de Montréal, after which she will specialize by obtaining a Master’s in Sports Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Practicing snowboard cross while studying makes her a very busy athlete. But she loves it. Her two dreams are leading her in the same direction, which is what motivates her to continue pursuing both.


Why did you agree to be associated with the Oberson brand?
I really like their professionalism and the team spirit you can feel each time you walk into the store.

Your top picks at Oberson this year?
My Burton Escapade bindings

Your favourite restaurant in Montréal? On the South Shore?
Sawadee in Beloeil.

Do you listen to music before a race?

What is your favourite memory on the circuit?
When I came in first in the quarter finals on a course I found rather difficult before the race.

Your goals for the season?
Being in the top 16 at NorAm on a regular basis!

Your favourite pastimes?
Playing piano and reading

What you’re known for?
I’m always smiling!


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