Companies that turn thirty usually mark the milestone witha collector’s edition commemorating past glories. But Peak Performance is no ordinary company. Instead of looking back and reminiscing, the Swedish fashion leader is launching its most progressive collection of skiwear ever. Sofia Gromark Norinder, Head of Urban Design, says, “This collection is about looking ahead and designing innovative pieces that honour our rich heritage of uniting design and technical innovation.”

Inspired by edgy, in-your-face streetwear the new collection will redefine the look, shape, and feel of skiwear for years to come.

Each piece is conceived and constructed so that it can be worn as an individual layer. Aerogel, an astonishingly thin, lightweight insulation developed by NASA, provides matchless warmth and minimal bulk. Long silhouettes and laser-cut air vents promote airflow, preventcondensation, and ensure body warmth.

The waterproof protective shells are seam-sealed and made of Japanese GORE C-KNIT that not only optimizes durability and performance, it also eliminates that crunchy feel of an ordinary hard shell on a cold winter’s day. But what’s most exceptional about the 18 pieces for him and 20 pieces for her in this new Peak Performance collection is that you can always wear them whether you’re chilling on the street or staying warm and looking hot on the snow.


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