Dream Season for Our Freestyle Ski Ambassadors


Proud ambassadors of the Oberson boutiques, the Dufour-Lapointe sisters and Mikaël Kingsbury are wrapping up a very successful freestyle ski season, bringing home several medals and both Crystal Globes!

In interviews conducted at the close of this so-called transitional season, the four athletes say they are proud and very satisfied with their performance. If Mikaël is noticeably pleased to be returning home with his fifth Crystal Globe in five years in a row—an amazing feat for this young Quebec skier—each of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters also has her own success to share.

World champion Chloé Dufour-Lapointe is absolutely delighted. She even lost her voice during the interview, as she had been out celebrating her hard-earned Crystal Globe the night before. “This is a milestone in my career and I’m really happy about it,” she told Oberson Magazine. “My sister Justine gave me a run for my money the entire season, which really motivated me.”

This feeling was echoed by Justine Dufour-Lapointe, who won the Canadian championship. “Of course I would’ve loved to win the Globe myself, but I’m so happy for Chloé. I’m coming home with my head held high.”

On the same podium
Both synergetic and competitive, the three sisters will all cherish one joyful moment: accomplishing a historic podium sweep in January in the mogul competition at the Val Saint-Côme World Cup.

“It was absolutely crazy,” sums up Justine. “A podium sweep is something we had dreamt about, but never dared to think it might come true. To win in front of our fans was just amazing.”

Vacation mode
Now that the season is over, the four athletes are taking a few weeks to rest up. Maxime is putting the finishing touches on the construction and decoration of her home. Chloé is in the process of moving, and Justine is planning a week’s vacation on the beach. “Just to soak up some Vitamin D and forget about the snow for a while!” she exclaims.

As for Mikaël, he’ll be a guest trainer at a ski camp in Sweden at the end of March. “I love skiing, and it’s always a pleasure to discover new great mountains. This is almost like a vacation for me.” He laughs, and says he does plan to take a trip south afterwards.

The entire Oberson team congratulates the four ambassador athletes for their tremendous performances and their excellent 2015-2016 season.





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